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How Batching Works

What is batching?

Please refer to the batching reference documentation for more information on batching.

What it looks like within Fast

When the user batches multiple orders together one can think about this as "order piggybacking".

  1. Buyer purchases item A on order #1.
  2. Buyer exits the checkout experience.
  3. Buyer finds another item B that they would like to also order.
  4. Buyer purchases item B before order #1 is fully processed.
  5. Fast system attaches (or piggy backs) item B onto order #1.
  6. Buyer exits the checkout experience for the final time.
  7. Fast system processes order #1 and processes payment for both item A and B simultaneously.
  8. Seller receives the order with both item A and B.

This flow allows the seller to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and reduce transaction processing costs.

What it looks like for the Integration Engineer

Sequence Diagram