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One-click checkout on BigCommerce.

One smart move for your business.

Get the Checkout button that increases conversion, boosts sales and delights customers.

Fast Checkout enables a hassle-free, secure one-click checkout experience for your customers. Install it in minutes so your customers can check out in seconds.

Simply install the Fast Checkout button on your product detail pages and cart pages to start seeing fewer abandoned carts and more sales for your business. Our top sellers have seen a 20-35% uplift in conversion within one week of installing Fast Checkout.

In addition to skyrocketing conversion, Fast delights your customers by letting them skip the headache of creating accounts, remembering passwords and filling out long forms. After making a purchase, they'll get free access to a one-stop dashboard where they can view transactions, track deliveries, and re-order with one-click.

App features

Fast Checkout Button

The Fast Checkout button lets your customers check out in seconds, with just one click. No passwords, no hassle. If it's a customer's first time using Fast, they'll be guided through a simple one-page form that creates a Fast account for them and enables 1-click checkout for their next purchase.

Payments & Orders

When a customer purchases a product from your store using Fast Checkout, Fast accepts and processes payments on your behalf and submits an order once the transaction has been approved by the card issuer.


Need to refund a customer? Use your BigCommerce dashboard to start the refund and Fast will take care of the rest. Please see How do I make refunds with Fast?

Order Tracking

After making a purchase with Fast, customers get free access to a one-stop dashboard where they can view transactions, track deliveries and re-order in one click.

Installation & Help Guides

Once you install the app, Fast will provide a guided installation of the Fast Checkout button. The installation process takes only a few minutes. If you'd like to install the button manually, Fast also provides the code snippet so you can easily paste it into your store template.

Case Studies

BarnDoor Ag

Delivering a simple checkout solution for all customers, regardless of tech savviness

Fast's simplicity was instantly appealing to the Oklahoma-based agricultural equipment seller BarnDoor Ag. Within a week of installing Fast Checkout, Barndoor Ag saw a 27% surge in checkout conversion, with 20% of all sales being processed through Fast, and an average order value of $200. Barndoor's product page checkouts also went from 0% to 80%, because Fast is the only checkout solution that lives right on the product page, helping drive incremental sales that might have not otherwise occurred.

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Fast Store

Want to see Fast Checkout in action? Check out our Fast Store; we've built a store on BigCommerce that uses Fast Checkout on our product pages.

Fast Store